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"It is the client who knows what hurts, what direction to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried"

Carl Rogers

Wandering Traveler

I work as a Person Centred Counsellor.  Person Centred Counselling is a ‘talking therapy’ which is client led, as the counsellor believes that the expert on the client and their experience is the client themselves.  I aim to create an authentic ‘therapeutic relationship’ to enable the you to feel understood, heard, accepted and valued.  The ‘therapeutic relationship’ allows you to explore your difficulties and find ways to move forward within your life.

My approach is holistic; our bodies can hold onto our life experiences as much as our mind, so I work with the whole person paying attention to the physical effects of distress as much as the emotional.



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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change"

Carl Rogers

I offer one to one counselling sessions to adults and young adults (16-18) who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives. There are many reasons why people come into counselling - you may be experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, low self esteem or simply do not feel like you're functioning like you used to.  I aim to give you a safe space to safely look at your past or current situation to understand how this may be affecting you.

Counselling can be either long term or short term, weekly sessions last for 50 minutes and take place in my counselling room in New Moston.

I am a registered member of the BACP (MBACP). Being a registered member means I meet the BACP's standards for safe and ethical practice.

Finding the right counsellor for you is important, there are lots of different counsellors to chose from who offer many different approaches. Before we engage in any therapeutic work I offer an initial meeting with no obligation to work with me. There is a fee of £20 for a face to face meeting or a free telephone meeting.  During the meeting we will discuss why you want to come into counselling, any goals or aims you may have for counselling and the boundaries of our work together.  If you would like to book an inital meeting or have any questions about coming into counselling please feel free to contact me.

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"Just watch this moment, without trying to change it at all.  What is happening?  What do you feel?  What do you see?  What do you hear?"

Jon Kabat Zinn

Mindful Resilience Enhancement is a form of Mindfulness that was developed by Tim Durden and Annette Dunn.  MRE is a non-prescriptive way of engaging in Mindfulness making Mindfulness accessible for everyone whatever you lifestyle. 


Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment, paying attention with curiosity and compassion.  Mindfulness can be practiced in what is called a 'sitting practice' or we can experience 'mindful moments' in our everyday life. 

Mindfulness has been proven to be effective in treating anxiety, depression and stress and enables us to reconnect to our bodies and sooth our central nervous system. 

"When we're in touch with our common humanity, we remember that feelings of inadequacy and disappointment are shared by all.  This is what distinguishes self compassion from self pity.  Whereas self pity says "poor me," self compassion remembers that everyone suffers, and it offers comfort because everyone is human."

Kristen Neff


Self Compassion is a way of relating to ourselves.  Being fully aware of our inner dialog with ourselves and responding to ourselves and our needs with kindness and compassion. 

Self Compassion is an integral part of Mindfulness practice enabling you to open up to new ways of responding to situations or emotions you may be struggling with. 

MRE sessions will be experiential, we would engage in a 'sitting practice' together with the space to explore your experience of this.  Once your grounded in this you can practice this alone and learn how to weave Mindfulness and Self Compassion into your daily life.    

If you would like to book a session you can contact me by clicking the button below. 

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